Minimum Memory Required for emWin to work

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    • Minimum Memory Required for emWin to work

      I am using IMXRT1050 processor with 512kb of SRAM. Is it possible to run any of the sample tutorial widgets available(like WIDGET_Menu or WIDGET_ListBox or WIDGET_ListView or similar) without using any external memory. If yes, then how much should I define GUI_NUMBYTES ?

    • Hi,

      Basically this will work. But, if you use the internal LCD controller you will need some memory for the framebuffer. Depending on the display size you will need more or less memory, obviously.

      For example,
      480x272x8bpp -> ~130KB
      480x272x16bpp -> ~260KB
      480x272x32bpp -> ~520KB

      With 8bpp you will have quite some memory available for emWin. I'm not sure how much memory the different examples require but even 200KB can be enough to run a nice emWin application.

      In the end it depends pretty much on your application.

      Of course, you should avoid using features which require a lot of memory (e.g. Memory Devices or multi buffering).