[SOLVED] SES no locals shown in debugger

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  • [SOLVED] SES no locals shown in debugger

    I have a project that suddenly stopped showing any local variables in the debugger view. Optimizations are set to none, debugging level set to full, but "No Locals" is all I ever see now. I have other projects that work just fine but I have no idea what setting would cause this. Hopefully someone else has solved this issue?

    Globals work, autos kind of work, watch works (except for locals, oddly enough).
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Such an issue is not known to us.
    Which Embedded Studio version are you currently using?
    We just tried to reproduce the issue with the Systick sample from the CPU Support packages but locals were showing up just fine.
    Is it related to some specific ISR?
    Does rightclick and "Locate in memory" work?
    What target device are you debugging?
    Is it on custom hardware or on an eval board?
    If custom hardware is the issue reproducible on an eval board and could you provide us with an example project for reproduction?

    Best regards,
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  • Hello,

    • Embedded studio 4.12 (latest beta has same issue)
    • Happens with sample projects and our main project
    • USB1_IRQHandler handler for sure
    • Locate memory works
    • LPC54605 target on custom board
    • Ozone debugger works great
    • Dev board works fine
    It is definitely something in our project file since we can't reproduce it elsewhere otherwise I'd share an example project.