Drawing 8bit bitmap using GUI_DrawBitmap() seems NG

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    • Drawing 8bit bitmap using GUI_DrawBitmap() seems NG


      These days I try to draw custom 8-bit bitmap with alpha using GUI_DrawBitmap(), but it seems NG.

      The image (with alpha) is some like:


      To save ROM space, i index the pixel data to 8-bit c file from the one converted by BmpCvt.exe, with the settings:

      C Source Code

      1. static GUI_CONST_STORAGE GUI_LOGPALETTE _Paloverlay_image_status_26x26x8 = {
      2. 232, // Number of entries
      3. 1, // Has transparency
      4. &_Colorsoverlay_image_status_26x26x8[0]
      5. };
      6. GUI_CONST_STORAGE GUI_BITMAP bmoverlay_image_status_26x26x8 = {
      7. 26, // xSize
      8. 26, // ySize
      9. 26, // BytesPerLine
      10. 8, // BitsPerPixel
      11. _acoverlay_image_status_26x26x8, // Pointer to picture data
      12. &_Paloverlay_image_status_26x26x8, // Pointer to palette
      13. };
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      Also, I attached the file as "overlay_image_status_26x26x8.zip".

      Then I draw it using the code:

      Source Code

      1. GUI_SetClipRect(&DrawRect);
      2. GUI_DrawBitmap(pBitmap, LeftRect.x0, LeftRect.y0);
      3. GUI_SetClipRect(NULL);

      The screenshot:


      It seems just a bit "dirty".

      So, what's wrong?
      Am I doing something wrong?
      My emWin version is v5.48j.