[SOLVED] tickless support for cortex M4

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  • [SOLVED] tickless support for cortex M4

    I'm looking for a reference implementation of tickless idle mode for Cortex M4 .
    I have seen the app note for STM32 using TIM , looking for something similar for M4 systick

  • Hi Ran,

    Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer further reference implementations for other devices.
    However, since adapting the provided sample code for other devices basically is just exchanging one hardware timer for another, doing so shouldn't cause much trouble. Still, in case you unexpectedly encounter any problems while adapting our code for your chosen device, please feel free to contact us with a detailed problem description - we will then gladly assist you where we can reasonably do so.

    Additionaly, please be aware that depending on your actual device, it might not be possible to use the SysTick timer for this purpose, though. This is for the reason that the SysTick timer is powered down with some devices upon entering low power modes. You might want to check the appropriate vendor manual on whether the implemented SysTick is functional during low power modes.

    Best regards,