Program multiple TM4C boards

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    • Program multiple TM4C boards


      I was searching for a way to program several TM4C microcontrollers with
      only one programmer using a command line program under Linux. Found
      Texas Instruments XDS programmers that support daisy chaining JTAG
      interface via their CCS software.
      Now i found that Segger has the J-Link programmer that with "j-link
      commander" command line tool can flash a binary file in a TM4C
      microcontroller. And also found that there is a -jtagconf flag that can
      be used to specify the microcontroller number in the connection chain.
      But unfortunately i cound't understand how exactly are the instructions to do both things under linux:
      - I downloaded the "J-Link Software pack for x64 linux" TGZ file and
      uncompress it. Run the ./JlinkExe file and the SEGGER J-Link Commander
      V6.44b starts
      - After "J-Link>" am i supposed to write something like this?:
      loadbin abc.bin 0X0 and then the -jtagconf <IRPre>,<DRPre>

      I couldn't find this info nor on the manual nor online in forums.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Could you tell us your J-Link S/N for reference?
      Generally the proposed approach can be achieved with the J-Link commander and a J-Link Command File.
      See J-Link user guide UM08001 in section Using J-Link Command Files.
      The sequence would be something like this:
      -TM4C Device Name
      -jtagconf for first device in jtag chain
      -set speed
      -jtagconf of second device

      This could be an implementation sample. Unfortunately we do not have such target hardware to test against so it could be possible that you need to call "con" or "connect" between the target switches. But it should give you an idea on how a sequence could look like and the remaining information can be found in the J-Link user manual or when typing "?" in the commander.

      Best regards,
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