MX8 support

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    • MX8 support

      Is there a clear ETA as to when i.MX8 M4 support is going to be available?

      I was able to add J-link support by modifying the JLinkDevices.xml file and using the devices patch files from the NXP site.
      Unfortunately it does not look like it gets me all the way as the MX8 selections do not appear under the "target" selections for projects.

      Is it possible to manually add support for these? I am under pressure to start developing and if it is not soon we will be forced to buy an IAR license (yuck!)

      Is there a beta test program for Embedded Studio?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The iMX8 is currently not officially supported by J-Link, it is not coupled to the Embedded Studio version. So it won't help going the IAR route as they depend on our official support as well.
      Current estimate for official support is ~1 month from now.

      However you can add support to devices at any time your self using our open flash loader interface:

      The only prerequisite is that the core type is supported and with Cortex-M4 this is met.
      As this is a multi core device it is highly likely that the M4 is not active from startup so you would need to figure out what the main core is, start this and then activate the M4.
      This can be done using our JLinkScript interface where the complete default behaviour of our debug probe can be edited or overwritten.

      More information can be found in the J-Link user manual UM08001.

      Best regards,
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