[SOLVED] Telink single-wire support?

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  • [SOLVED] Telink single-wire support?

    Simple question. I've a number of devices that are now using the Telink TLSR8266 chipset, due to low cost BLE mesh support. This appears to use a proprietary singe-wire connection for programming (details are hard to come by). I've found an SDK to generate updated binaries.

    Q: Does the J-Link support programming, debugging, and/or dumping of these Telink chips (presumably via this single-wire programming mode)?

    (FYI: best online documentation I could find: wiki.telink-semi.cn/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=start, specifically wiki.telink-semi.cn/dokuwiki/d…?id=menu:tools:telink_bdt)

    Thank you.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    From the google links I could not find what core type the Telink chips are.
    Generally they are currently not supported. If they are Arm cores then you could add support yourself with our Open Flashloader interface.
    If they are some proprietary core type it is not supported by J-Link.

    Best regards,
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