[SOLVED] j-link not connect to Renesas RX210

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  • [SOLVED] j-link not connect to Renesas RX210

    Application log started
    - J-Flash V6.45a (J-Flash compiled Mar 6 2019 16:49:46)
    - JLinkARM.dll V6.45a (DLL compiled Mar 6 2019 16:49:14)
    Creating new project ...
    - New project created successfully
    Connecting ...
    - Connecting via USB to J-Link device 0
    - J-Link firmware: J-Link V10 compiled Mar 1 2019 16:57:49
    - Device "R5F52205" selected.
    - FINE: Found Renesas device
    - Found Renesas RX210 device (MCU_DR: 0xD013)
    - Starting debugger authentication...
    - Debugger authenticated successfully.
    - Endian: little

    - Enabling ongoing debug mode.

    - ERROR: Failed to enable ongoing debug mode for debugging.
    Specific core setup failed.
    - Target interface speed: 500 kHz (Auto)
    - VTarget = 5.004V
    - ERROR: Failed to connect.
    Could not establish a connection to target.
    Can a help me?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Please be aware that this forum is a community forum so there is no guarantee to receive a response here.

    We tried to reproduce the reported behaviour but everything was working as expected in our example setup.
    See successful connect sequence attached.

    Are you using a RX adapter between J-Link and target device?

    Are the 5 V VTref expected?

    Could you provide a screenshot of your connect sequence with J-Link Commander?


    Best regards,

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