[SOLVED] QSPI Flash on custom IMXRT1021 board

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  • [SOLVED] QSPI Flash on custom IMXRT1021 board

    Hi there,

    I have an IMXRT 1021 144-pin version board with QSPI connected on the secondary pinmux option (i.e. BOOT_CFG[2:1]=111b). I cannot get the flash to erase or program in this configuration using JTrace and V6.43c. I don't see anything obvious wrong in my wiring or configuration.

    Is the IMXRT1021 flash utility set up to recognise the connection of the flash chip? If so, how do I configure it? If not, can it be added?


  • Well, this one didn't get much love, did it?

    The answers to the questions are; JLinkExe does support the secondary pinmux (it's transparent to the debugger) provided you've booted through the ROM to configure the chip. To erase the flash you need to execute 'exec EnableEraseAllFlashBanks' before the 'erase' command. I can't say which chips it supports but it certainly works with the IS25LP064A as found on the 1021-EVK.

    What I haven't figured out yet is how to reflash the application from the GDBServer. It clams to have done it, but certainly hasn't. So, let's change the questions slightly; Can someone please tell me how I erase/program the QPSI flash on an imxrt1021 using GBDServer and arm-none-eabi-gdb? I can't figure that one out.....


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    dmarples wrote:

    I can't say which chips it supports but it certainly works with the IS25LP064A as found on the 1021-EVK.
    A list with supported Flash chips can be found here:

    Just noticed that we received your inquiry in our Supportsystem in parallel as well where the issue got solved.
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