[ABANDONED] iMXRT debugger issue?

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  • [ABANDONED] iMXRT debugger issue?

    My apologies in advance - I'm not sure how best to describe this issue...

    Using J-Trace Pro & Eclipse on an iMXRT1020 I'm running into a strange issue where after the code executes a "strd r7,r6,[r4,#4]" the debugger "hangs" after with an infinitely repeating "Read 4 bytes @ address 0x00000016 (Data = 0x021D8000)". The instruction is valid: r4 contains is a valid external sdram address and is word aligned. If I manually change the r4 address to be the next word the instruction will succeed without causing the debugger to hang. The instruction is part of a loop and gets executed multiple times successfully before the hang occurs. The code and data reside in the external sdram (0x80000000 address range).

    The issue seems to be related to where things are placed in sdram - that is, changing location of where things are placed by changing code will cause the issue to appear or disappear - but I can't figure out a pattern.

    I don't think the "strd" is required; I've also gotten it to happen with "str". I tried making a simple repro so that I could attach but I'm unable to make it occur on command; I'm unable to figure out a pattern.

    I've attached a JLinkGDBServer output with hopes that it gives some insight. I've recorded a few logs that follow the same pattern. Sorry I don't have a simple repro case to attach.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.