a question about 3d objects

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    • a question about 3d objects

      Hello every one
      i am new to ARM processors , i am using cortex m3(lpc1788) as my training hardware and emwin and keli as programing software
      i was Curious to know is it possible to show a 3d object (normally stl format) in emwin?
      or emwin only support 2d objects such as images ? doest it support opengl?

      honestly i want to make a 3d printer and i want user to be able to import 3d model into device and navigate it throght 3d printer Os itself , be able to edit it , move it , rotate it and such things
      i know the processor that i am using now is not suitable for this such as job but i am using it as training

      i am fammiler with electronic , mechanical engineering , but i cant found out wich processor and software (Qt,emwin , uclinux ,...) i should use for this purpose
      please guide me ,

      thanks alot