bmp image Quality using memdev draw

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    • bmp image Quality using memdev draw


      Am comparing the image quality drawn using Memdev devices and Image widget. Am using an bmp image converted to a .c file using bmp convertor.
      The bmp contains a filled arc with transparent background.

      for memdev am uisng the code below
      hMem1 = GUI_MEMDEV_CreateEx(0, 0, 393, 74,GUI_MEMDEV_HASTRANS);

      GUI_DrawBitmap(&bmtemp, 0, 0);

      GUI_MEMDEV_WriteAt(hMem1, 50, 80);

      for Image widget code is below
      Image_Handle1 = IMAGE_CreateEx(50, 155, 393, 74, WM_HBKWIN, WM_CF_SHOW, 0x00, GUI_ID_IMAGE0);
      IMAGE_SetBitmap(Image_Handle1, &bmtemp);

      when i compare the image quality on the display, the image quality displayed by image widget is very good. By good i mean the arc edges are very smooth and edges blend smoothly with background. But the edges displayed when using memory devices are not smooth. When i do not use memdev and only use GUI_DrawBitmap then i get smooth edges on the arc but not using memdev device.

      What could be the reason for this behavior using memory devices?