[SOLVED] Writing MSP432P401R BSL Flash

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  • [SOLVED] Writing MSP432P401R BSL Flash


    I like to flash the BSL / Info Memory of an MSP432P401R directly with J-Link. TI Code Composer Studio has an option for that and probably an own flash loader.

    J-Link with -ExpDevList shows me that only the main flash is configured: "TI", "MSP432P401R", "Cortex-M4", {0x00000000, 0x00040000}, {0x01000000, 0x00008000}

    Which is the easiest way to add Bank 0 Sector 0 {0x200000, 0x1000} and Bank1 Sector 0/1 {0x202000, 0x2000}?

  • it looks like the MSP432P401V has BSL/Info memory supported:
    "TI", "MSP432P401V", "Cortex-M4", { {0x00000000, 0x00080000}, {0x00200000, 0x00001000}, {0x00202000, 0x00006000} }, {0x20000000, 0x00010000}

    But my problem is, I can't add that extra memory ranges by overriding the device information for the MSP432P401R in JLinkDevices.xml without defining a Flash-Loader. And I like to prevent to re-write the build-in(?) existing flash-loader only to add that functionality.

    Are the sources for that flash-loader available?
  • I have the same problem. Our current project uses an Msp432 with the a Bluetooth CC2564C chip (by ti). For future developers having this problem:

    1) You can program a virgin MSP432 using the msp-fet default on p1.1 and p1.2 within 10 seconds of powering it. See ti.com/lit/ug/slau622h/slau622h.pdf for information in what state the msp will go to its factory BSL. Using the schema on the evaluation board you can trace the FET connector to the appropriate pins. These can later be configured using the flashmailbox

    2) If can program the info memory and main memory from within your program, similar to a flash loader (what we have done) One limitation on the msp432 is code that is executing in one bank cannot write to the same bank. This can be circumvented by using the ROM functions to write flash.

    Ideal would be if segger could add support, or maybe Boris if you could share a flash loader if you do end up writing one. One small thing for Boris, Bank 0 should not be confused with "Info Bank 0" and use different statics when calling the ROM or driverlib (dev.ti.com/tirex/content/simpl…MSP432P4xx-4_10_00_42.pdf) functions.

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  • Hello Boris,

    If you are simply looking to add a memory region J-Link command "mem region" can be used.
    For more information on how to use J-Link commands see the J-Link user manual UM08001 from the J-Link install folder.

    Best regards,
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