[SOLVED] SES crash log file location

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  • [SOLVED] SES crash log file location

    I've been trying to install PC-Lint, according to this thread here, but every time I attempt to trigger a PC-Lint analysis of a source file within SES it crashes and all I get is a red bordered dialogue asking me to submit a an error report.

    I'm using SES 4.12 for ARM under the Nordic license on a Windows 10 machine.

    I don't get to see any error messages nor does Windows appear to store an event for it.

    Does SES retain a copy of the report locally on my machine that I can access?
  • Okay I've located the crash log files, although they appear to be a mix of hex and ASCII.
    FYI on a Windows 10 machine they are located at C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\SEGGER\SEGGER Embedded Studio\v3\dumps
    where YOUR_USERNAME is whatever user name you use to log into your machine.
    If your using a roaming profile instead of a local one, they may appear somewhere else.

    I've also located the cause of the crash to being triggered by some malformed xml in tools.xml