[SOLVED] Embedded Studio debug terminal displays random junk periodically

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  • [SOLVED] Embedded Studio debug terminal displays random junk periodically

    Hey.. I'm using Embedded Studio on a Nordic nRF52840 processor, and making use of SEGGER_RTT for my debug output. emStudio creates a "Debug Terminal" window, and my output happily appears.

    However, if my program is running in he background and not displaying anything, random single characters appear in the Debug Terminal. Mostly they are 0x0E characters, but occasionally there are others. I've seen a few 0x10 and 0xC0 characters.

    Any thoughts?

    This is the embedded studio I'm using, although I've seen this with version 3.40 as well:

    SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
    Release 4.12 Build 2018112601.37855
    Windows x64
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Such an issue is not known to us.
    Embedded Studio will only display what data it finds in the RTT buffer.
    So it is save to assume that for some reason "garbage" data is written into RTT Buffer.
    RTT is provided in source form so it should be easily debuggable when unwanted data is read from the buffer.

    Best regards,
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