HW support for AA functions and STs Chrom-ART Accelerator (DMA2D)

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    • HW support for AA functions and STs Chrom-ART Accelerator (DMA2D)


      on version 5.48 emWin has introduced hardware support functions for AA drawing.

      Is there a way to use this functions in combination with STs Chrom-ART Accelerator to provide a speed up drawing AA arc's?

      Regards, Florian
    • Hi,

      Yes, with version 5.48 we have added an interface for routing AA functions to the hardware. Our reference board for this was the RX65 Envision Kit. This device has a drawing engine which is capable of drawing shapes with anti aliasing. Beside of drawing AA shapes it also draws bitmaps pretty fast.

      Unfortunately, the STM32F7 does not have such a drawing engine. The Chrome Art Accelerator (DMA2D) is pretty good in mixing colors, pixel conversion and pushing images to the framebuffer. But it is not made for drawing anti aliased lines.

      Anti aliased fonts, on the other hand, will be drawn by using the DMA2D. This is possible because internally strings are converted into bitmaps.

      If you got the chance to get a RX65N Envision Kit, you might want to try out our package for this device: