How to calculate recommended memory for TreeView Widget

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    • How to calculate recommended memory for TreeView Widget


      I have created a treeView widget with nodes and leafs. The memory does not cause problems for now. But If I attach more nodes it can be cause memory problem in the feature. So I want to calculate recommended memory for treeView. I reviewed user manual. There are some widget's memory consumption with given hardware and software specs. But I cant find information about treeview widget and it is not clear for me. So How can i estimate recommended memory for treeView widget ?
      Thanks in advance...

      Best Regards,
      Emin ATEŞ
    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, there is no such information available. But, each Item requires about 40 Bytes + some bytes for a set string ("TEXT" would be 5 additional bytes.) If the items have bitmaps set it would require another 12 bytes (saving 3 pointers 3 possible bitmaps). Not sure if I missed something..

      But you could also add an Item to a TREEVIEW and check num free bytes before and after.