Unable to continue past bkpt instruction

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Please be aware that the referenced post is over 4 years old so it is highly unlikely that the issues are related.
      The J-Link software version you are using is rather old, could you try the latest one and see if the behaviour improves?

      What target device are you looking to debug here?

      Best regards,
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    • Hello Nino,

      We can try to upgrade and see if that makes a difference. The reference post (and the problem referenced in the post) is exactly what I am running into.

      We are using an STM32L4R5ZI Nucleo board.

      The fundamental issue we are trying to solve by adding the ASM breakpoint is that when attempting to execute from RAM (small piece of ROM code copies main code to RAM then jumps to main code), we are unable to hit breakpoints set before executing the ROM to RAM copy. This, as I understand it, is expected since the breakpoints are loaded on start/restart and when the code is copied from ROM to RAM, the breakpoints are overwritten.

      The idea was that by forcing a breakpoint right before RAM execution, and then having the developer continue, they would be able to hit their RAM breakpoints as expected, but because we cannot "continue" when hitting an ASM breakpoint, this is proving to be a bit more cumbersome than anticipated.

      I will note that we do not experience our original issue when using a different vendor's MCU, and breakpoints in RAM work the same as breakpoints in ROM.