emUSB DMA support for USB Device?

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    • emUSB DMA support for USB Device?

      Dear Forum,

      I read through the documentation of emUSB Device (UM09001.pdf) but couldn't find a note about using DMA. However, the given performance values in chapter 23.2. it looks impossible for me to gain without DMA. Can anyone point me how and where to link DMA to the emUSB Device library?

      Best Regards
    • Hi Yan,

      thanks for the quick reply.
      At the moment I'm not using any driver. My µC is a Atmel/Microchip SAME70. Currently I use a composite MSD/CDC setup build on the sources that are provided by Microchip. The MSD is connected to the µSD card (4 data lines). I gain about 9MByte/s upload speed. So your published 44.1MByte/s (or is it MBit/s ?) sounds promising to me and worth to migrate to your library.
      I will request an evaluation version of the SAMV7 driver on your website. It should be possible to adapt it to the SAME7. What I found in the datasheet is that they are the same concerning USB.

      Best Regards
    • MByte/s is correct, but it is for a different MCU (LPC43 with the EHCI driver (we will add more info to the website on that)).
      On the SAMV7 we do not use DMA as the performance can not be improved by using DMA.
      Out most recent performance measurements on the Atmel ATSAMV7 XPlainedUltra are as follows:
      Read bench (target measurement): 28008 KByte/sec
      Read bench (host measurement): 28054 KByte/sec
      Write bench (target measurement): 40992 KByte/sec
      Write bench (host measurement): 41025 KByte/sec