JLink: avoid the "update firmware" dialog

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    • JLink: avoid the "update firmware" dialog

      We use Eclipse-based IDE and each time we program our MCUs with JLink an "update firmware" dialog window appears.
      We've tried to use (as suggested on SEGGER forum) flags/keys "SuppressInfoUpdateFW" and "DisableAutoUpdateFW" (with "exec" or in the JLink script) and it apparently they have a desired effect, but it seems that these flags/keys are useful only in case when MCU is programmed many times in the same JLink-session, i.e. without relaunching JLinkARM.dll. In our case IDE launches JLinkARM.dll each time and each time we observe "update firmware" dialog window. Is there any solution, which permits to disable an "update firmware" dialog window just after launching JLinkARM.dll? Many thanks.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      In which JLinkScript function are you calling the exec?
      Did you try setting it in InitEMU() instead?

      Best regards,
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    • Hello Nino.
      Thank for your reply.
      Our scenario:
      1. Created Default.JLinkScript with this content:

      Source Code

      1. int InitEMU()(void) {
      2. JLINK_SYS_Report("--InitEMU()--");
      3. JLINK_ExecCommand("SuppressInfoUpdateFW");
      4. JLINK_ExecCommand("DisableAutoUpdateFW");
      5. return 0;
      6. }
      7. int ConfigTargetSettings()(void) {
      8. JLINK_SYS_Report("--ConfigTargetSettings()--");
      9. return 0;
      10. }

      2. JLink.exe -JLinkScriptFile Default.JLinkScript
      3. "update firmware" dialog window appears, click "No"

      Question: How to completely suppress "update firmware" dialog window at the start of JLink.exe?

      Many thanks.