[SOLVED] program Atmega32p using j-link edu

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  • [SOLVED] program Atmega32p using j-link edu

    After arduino was enough i decided to go to bare metal programming.
    i have an Atmega32p mcu and i would like to program it using my j-link edu.
    I assume i can use JLinkExe to save a bin program from meme area 0, but:
    1. how to i physically connect the j-link ? i mean which wire goes to which pin of the mcu ?
    2. is it possible to use j-link with avrdude ? what type do i choose in avrdude ?
    3. same question regarding debugging with gdb and how to wire j-link to the mcu to do so.

    * if need be i also have Atmel's JTag to avr jtag\swd\spi adapter.

    the reason i'm asking of course is cause i couldn't find the answers somewhere else...

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  • Hello,

    AVR microcontrollers (ATMega etc.) are not supported by J-Link.
    A list with supported core types can be found here:


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