Custom bitmap drawing for rotated driver not called

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    • Custom bitmap drawing for rotated driver not called

      Hi there,

      When using LIN_OSY_16 rotated driver it seems that custom 1bpp bitmap drawing routine is not being used. Instead "default" _DrawBitmap/_DrawBitLine1BPP_Swap get called.
      I've got GUI_SUPPORT_ROTATION set to 1, but GUI_pLCD_APIList pointer remains set to 0.
      What's the best/proper way to set custom drawing functions for rotated drivers?

      Many thanks!
    • Hi,

      the functions for drawing bitmaps with the hardware acceleration are getting set only with the default rotation. As far as I know this is a limitation of the Chrome-Art-Accelerator.

      If you have enough RAM you can use the function GUI_SetOrientation(). Call the function after GUI_Init() (or before you start drawing anything). This function creates a kind of memory device which gets rotated. In combination with the default orientation (use GUIDRV_LIN_16 instead of GUIDRV_LIN_OSY_16) the drawing of the memory device should get performed with the hardware acceleration, which is quite fast.