Can't find includes

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    • Can't find includes

      I take a nordic example made in SES and import it to other example also done on SES.
      To make it work I take the all includes files and place them in the right order, next to the main example where for the path I use Edit_options-> Preprocessor->User include directories open the window and write them at the right location, towards the project file (see attach). Will some h file found by the SES likenordic_common.h it doesn't find like sdk_common.h where are both in the some folder (see attach), but I look for it from a c file in the some folder (I don't know if it make any diffrent.
      I also notice that in the Edit Options -> Preprocessor -> User include... there is also Inherits use. I don't know when I need to place the include in the Inherits and when in the User include Directories on its line.
      Is there any guide show how to include files?
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    • I make some search and found that discussion…in-segger-embedded-studio
      I see that I didn't point to the common so I point to and copy all the include path to this window (see attach) . The first 3 with $(ProjectDir) was before so I didn't touch them .
      Now I look on the project setting window and I see this
      c_user_include_directories="$(ProjectDir)/DeviceSupport;$(ProjectDir)/CoreSupport;$(ProjectDir)/../../../Inc;../../../../../nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96/components				 ect ect ect
      Why it print now &#x9 instead of the path. I was thinking it is editor format so I copy from a good example but get the some.
      Any idea how I fix it?
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