GUI_ExecCreatedDialog from Dialog callback

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    • Thank you Sven,

      I think I lost myself in my window hierarchy :)

      I have:

      One dialog A created with GUI_CreateDialogBox, parent is WM_HBKWIN, executed via GUI_ExecCreatedDialog.

      works, emwinspy shows me the expected window hierarchy

      This Dialog creates another dialog B on a button WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED Message via GUI_CreateDialogBox and GUI_CreateDialogBox, parent is Dialog A. Dialog B consists of several MULTIPAGE pages.

      B should be modal to A

      works, emwinspy shows me the expected window hierarchy, parent of the framewin of dialog B is the framewin of dialog A. All multipages are childs of the framewin-client of dialog B

      But when i switch from page one to page two, the window hierarchy changes. All multipages are child of the root window. I use WM_UNATTACHED for the pages as seen in your MULTIPAGE sample.

      And now, Dialog C, created via WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED message of Dialog B, created via GUI_CreateDialogBox and executed via GUI_ExecCreatedDialog, parent is Dialog B. Dialog C should be modal to Dialog B, does not work anymore. To make the things mor difficult: Dialog C, modal to Dialog B, modal to Dialog A should create a keypad with WM_CreateWindowAsChild wich should stay in front of all other windows :)

      Where is my problem? The WM_UNATTACHED dialogs of the Multipages?

      Thank you