[SOLVED] More Specific Error Reporting for JLink.exe

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  • [SOLVED] More Specific Error Reporting for JLink.exe

    Let me explain my situation briefly. I use a single Windows batch file to program several different devices with JLink.exe. This batch file sits in a directory with a .jlink file containing J-Link Commander commands which is passed (by the batch file) to JLink.exe via the -CommanderScript argument.

    But the batch file is intended to inform us, in specific, what sorts of errors have occurred during the execution of the J-Link Commander script (can't connect, failure to erase, failure to program, etc.). Since JLink.exe only returns one of two error codes (0 - no error; 1 - error), all we can really do is have the batch file report that some unidentified error occurred, and it is left to the user to start reading through logs and checking connections, etc.

    Is there no way to have more informative and specific error reporting from JLink.exe? Perhaps a way to run the J-Link script by parts, so that I can catch the errors at certain steps along the way?

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