[SOLVED] JLinkArm_SDK.dll ConfigureJTags not working from C#

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  • [SOLVED] JLinkArm_SDK.dll ConfigureJTags not working from C#

    I have a python script that flashes the memory on a device we have. It's an RX63N, or rather 2 RX63Ns. It has 2 microprocessors, called A and B. To configure A, the python script calls -snip-. For B, it uses the same function with (0,0).
    I want the functionality available to a C# library I'm working on without calling out to Python, so I've ported the script to C#, and it works, but the strange thing is that I can't access Micro A. I can flash B successfully, but A continues to fail. My code to import the function follows:


    I don't get an error code, and I can see ConfigTags getting called in the control panel. As far as I can tell, I'm passing the right values, but they seem to be getting mangled and I end up back at the default of (0,0). In fact, any values I pass (from 0 to 64 inclusive) all get routed back to B.
    I suspect that I'm marshalling IRPre and DRPre (params 1 and 2, respectively) incorrectly, but I can't figure out how- they're longs according to the docs. Anyone have any ideas?
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