Using segger studio project in Jenkins

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    • Using segger studio project in Jenkins

      I have SES project and I used the export makefile and it created the makefile, I went to that location and ran make it didn't work. I am wondering how to integrate my SES C project in the continuous integration.

      Did anyone successfully configured SES in CI such as Jenkins?
      all: \ Output/Debug/Exe/ble_app_template_pca10056_s140.elf\Error: make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.Stop.
    • Hi,

      actually, we are using Jenkins + ES here at SEGGER.
      We are using emBuild, located in the "Bin" folder of ES in order to build projects.
      Please find below a snippet from our internal Python script.

      Python Source Code

      1. _ES_BUILD = r"\bin\emBuild.exe"
      2. [..]
      3. def BuildConfig(self, sConfigName, hProject):
      4. sProjectPath = hProject.GetProjectPath()
      5. tStart = time.time()
      6. Status =[self._sESBasePath + _ES_BUILD, "-config", sConfigName, sProjectPath], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
      7. tEnd = time.time()
      8. tTotal = tEnd - tStart
      9. _Debug_Out_Str("BuildTime: {:.3f}s".format(tTotal))
      10. return Status.returncode
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