Flasher Portable Plus - Standalone flashing error MPC5604B - Once again...

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    • Flasher Portable Plus - Standalone flashing error MPC5604B - Once again...


      I posted the same question about two months ago. There was NO reply and the thread was marked "ABANDONED" - that's an interesting way to treat customers.

      I want to use the Flasher Portable Plus to Flash MPC5604B in standalone mode.
      Before Version 6.32g, Flasher Portable Plus could not flash MPC5604B at all. Afterwards, only flashing with J-Flash tool works, but standalone mode does not work. Unfortunately we need the standalone mode!

      When trying to flash in standalone mode, on the display an ERROR message "#ERR255:Error while flashing" appears after 0.5 to 3 seconds of "Connecting...". One of the following messages is logged in the log file on the flasher:

      ERROR: PC of target system has unexpected value after checking target RAM. (PC = 0x40000012, MSR = 0x00000000)!
      SN: 0 - Failed

      SN: 0 - Failed

      Best regards
    • Hello Martin,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
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