[Ozone] Environment variable substitution not working

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    • [Ozone] Environment variable substitution not working



      I am having trouble getting environment variable substitution working in my .jdebug file, when trying to substitute into a file path (Lubuntu 18.04, Ozone 2.60k).
      Perhaps my syntax is incorrect? According to the User Guide, "$(<varname>)" should be correct for Linux and Windows.

      My .jdebug file has the following line in OnProjectLoad(): Project.AddSvdFile ("$(NORDIC_SDK)/modules/nrfx/mdk/nrf52840.svd");

      NORDIC_SDK is an environment variable defined in my user ".profile" file as: export NORDIC_SDK="$HOME/nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96"

      Manually substituting the path works correctly, and opening a terminal window and running echo $NORDIC_SDK prints the expected result.
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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The reported behaviour was reproducible and is not intended.
      We found a fix already and it will be available with next Ozone release.

      Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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      Hi Nino,

      Please note, I have upgraded to Ozone 2.60l and the problem appears to persist:

      * The Ozone console says "File not found: $(NORDIC_SDK)/modules/nrfx/mdk/nrf52840.svd"
      * Opening a Linux console and executing "echo $NORDIC_SDK" prints the expected path.
      * Manually replacing the $(NORDIC_SDK) in the .jdebug file with the full path works as expected.

      (The release notes for 2.60l say the problem was fixed in this release.)