[SOLVED] Getting Started with Flasher ATE on STM8 Devices

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  • [SOLVED] Getting Started with Flasher ATE on STM8 Devices

    Hello all,
    I'm working on a project involving the Flasher ATE for a production flasher. I have been reading through the documentation (UM08035) to figure out how this thing works but I am having trouble getting it to work.

    The device I am trying to flash is a STM8 microcontroller. I configured the IP address of the ATE and connected to it using telnet (using putty) and an FTP client. That all works as expected. I downloaded the Universal Flash Loader Configurator and loaded the hex file to flash. I have configured the configurator for the chip I have to program and configured the different bits (ERASE, PROGRAM, VERIFY, etc). I generated the UNI file, the DAT file, and clicked on Generate Test Data file... (which generated an MOT file). I loaded the files into the ATE module (only one for now) using FTP in the .MODULE1 folder. I'm not using serialization or patching. However, I cannot find where to generate the .cfg file or .pex file that the manual talks about on page 31. I did find STM8AS.pex that is referenced for my chip in the ST_STM8.xml in the UniversalFlashLoader folder. Is this the .pex file I need? How do I generate the .cfg file? I downloaded Flasher STM8, made a new project using the chip I have, set the same project settings as the universal loader configurator and hit "Save Programmer Configuration File..." which did produce a .cfg file.

    I put those on my ATE module 1 folder like such:

    Also, when I go to manually power on the board through either the USB or VTGT power, I get nothing on pin 19. I have tried #POWERON 1 0,0 and #POWERON 1 1,0. I have verified the USB and VTGT voltages are both right at 5V. I have tried setting the Vref to 5000 using #SETVTREF 1 5000. What am I doing wrong?

    Here are my current connections:
    Target ATE
    5V 19
    GND 4
    SWIM 9
    RESET 15

    I am having trouble setting up the flasher ATE using the universal flash configurator. I am also having issue with the #POWERON command not putting power to the board.

    Please can you help me?

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  • I wanted to move past the POWERON issue for now and decided to just apply power to the board externally. When I did that I found out I had to have 5V also going to Pin 1 for target voltage reporting. After doing that I got this error from the log:

    ERROR: Cannot connect to CPU. Target interface speed too high?
    SN: 0 - Failed

    Changing HighSpeed = "0" did not fix it either.

    Here are my connections:

    5V -> Target Board Power In, ATE Pin 1, ATE VTGT + and Ext Power +
    GND -> Target Board GND, ATE Pin 4, ATE VTGT - and Ext Power -
    SWIM -> ATE Pin 9
    RESET -> ATE Pin 15

    These boards are pre-programmed and tested production boards.

    Any thoughts?


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