using two J-Link via TCPIP server

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  • using two J-Link via TCPIP server

    I have two J-Links, now identified as 0 and 1, and would like to access them both via a TCP-IP server. Can I do this?

    How do I tell the server which usb to use?

    how do I tell the clients (IAR Workbench) which server to use?

    Hope you can help


    Mike Newsome, Hitek Power Ltd
  • Hi Mike,

    right now, the only way to do this is to use 2 machines or one real and one virtual machine,
    where one server is running on each machine.
    We will add this to the Beta some time in the near future so you can start to servers,
    one listening on port 19020 for USB0 and the other on port 19021 for USB1.

  • Hello Mike,

    we have built a new beta version of the J-Link software.

    The new version is available for download from following location:

    The J-Link TCP/IP Server now accepts two commands which are
    passed to the J-Link TCP/IP Server via the command line.
    The two commands are:
    -port <Portno.>
    -usb <USBIndex>

    For example, if you want to start the J-Link TCP/IP Server,
    listening on port 19021 for USB1 you have to start the J-Link TCP/IP Server as follows:
    JLinkTCPIPServer.exe -port 19021 -usb 1

    To access non-default configured J-Link TCP/IP Servers from JLink.exe you have to enter
    the following command:
    ip <IP>:<port>
    For the example above:

    Best regards,