emWin is stuck in GUI_Init() api on STM32F769IDISCOVERY board

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    • emWin is stuck in GUI_Init() api on STM32F769IDISCOVERY board

      I am trying to get emWin to work with mbed-os but it seems to be stuck in infinite loop inside GUI_Init() (can confirm the same over debugger).
      I know for certain that the MCU is not stuck in hard fault since I have another thread running which is flashing an led.

      I am trying to run a basic hello world test with main thread writing to GUI and another thread flashing an led.
      Snippet of code below:


      /* Enable Window Manager Multibuffering */

      GUI_DispStringAt("Hello world!", (LCD_GetXSize()-100)/2, (LCD_GetYSize()-20)/2);

      while(1) { GUI_X_Delay(1000);}

      I have provided the necessary os apis for timing and multitasking in GUI_X_OS.c
      I am linking the compiled object files to STemWin_CM7_OS_wc32_ARGB.a to create the MCU image.
      I am calling the STM32 CRC hw module initialization api before calling GUI_Init().
      The GUI memory assigned to STemWin library using GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemory() in GUIConf.c is word aligned.

      Is there anything I am missing here?
      Is the STemWin library (STemWin_CM7_OS_wc32_ARGB.a) tightly coupled to FreeRTOS?

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