[ABANDONED] What you need to know when creating Open Flash Loader (but may not be told)

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  • [ABANDONED] What you need to know when creating Open Flash Loader (but may not be told)

    The most important Open Flash Loader detail I found (the hard way) is:
    1. Even though the FlashDevice structure contains data useful to the FlashPrg.c functions and the Segger provided Placement_release.xml file says load="Yes" name="DevDscr" keep="Yes", the FlashDevice information (stored in DevDscr section in a release build) is not available to the FlashPrg.c functions (in the PrgCode section).

    In example code I provide in another thread (URL provided below), I put information into a FlashConfig.h header. The header provides compile time constants that are usable for both the FlashDevice structure and the FlashPrg.c functions.

    Where is source code for a complete and working Open Flash Loader?

    Less important details I believe to (currently) be true include:
    1. Compile for thumb mode
    2. Some of the optional functions are used even if you provide them
    a. BlankCheck()
    3. There are some differences between web page function interfaces and FlashOS.h declarations
    4. File name case differences are ignored when using Windows but not when using Linux

    Please add your lessons learned to this thread.

    Thanks in advance,

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