[ABANDONED] RTT Viewer 6.40 slow?

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  • [ABANDONED] RTT Viewer 6.40 slow?

    I'm using RTT viewer to download realtime samples from my hardware (nRF52832, connected through a J-Link Plus, SWD at 4 MHz). It outputs 72 samples per second, written in ASCII. RTT Viewer v6.40 doesn't seem to be able to keep up, whereas v6.32h (which I used before) had no problem whatsoever. Is this a known issue? Was it intentional somehow?
  • Hello jev,

    Thank you for your inquiry and sorry for the delay in response.

    Could you give us an example of the issue that you are describing (e.g. a brief recording of RTTViewer and a code snippet producing the RTT data)?
    This behavior is definitely not intentional, 72 samples/sec should be displayed rather quickly using the J-Link RTTViewer.
    Best regards,