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  • Displaying other languages

    Is there a recommended way to display multiple languages spanning multiple font files?

    I have a SWIPELIST that is a language selection menu. I would like to display the options in the native language. I don't have a single font file with every language in it.

    I would like the menu to appear as such:

    - Language -
    English ✓

    I did try building .c files for each individual font, and then handcrafting a 'master' font file by editing the 'GUI_CHARINFO_EXT' manually, but this did not seem to work. I probably missed something along the way, plus I could not find anything in the emWin manual about doing anything like this. Short of creating my own font with each character I need, is there any way of doing this?

    I spent the morning creating a custom font file with all the characters from all the languages that I needed. It works great, and then I saw the "Merge 'C' File..." option in the file menu of emWin Font Converter. I haven't used it yet, but I imagine it does exactly what I was trying to do manually above. This is in the emWin manual, page 286.

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