Widgets do not display correctly without MEMDEV

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  • Widgets do not display correctly without MEMDEV

    I have a dialog that unless I activate memdev, along with other widgets, text rendering fails to draw anything. I am trying to set the TextColor to GUI_WHITE but it does not render at all.

    If I invoke WM_EnableMemdev during the WM_INIT_DIALOG on several of the widgets then then it works. This also applies to other windows that I am using.

  • Hi Sven,

    It was not created using the GUI builder. I have tried several things to get it to show to no avail.

    I have also noticed the following calls are not having an effect on what is rendered:

    FRAMEWIN_SetDefaultBarColor(0, GUI_RED);
    FRAMEWIN_SetDefaultBarColor(1, GUI_RED);

    Similarly, FRAMEWIN_SetDefaultClientColor does not seem to affect the rendering either. I am currently trying to determine why that might be.

    It seems that I get the default no matter what the settings of the other items.

  • Hi Sven,

    Thank you for the response. It was very helpful and in pursuing the problem I identified a problem with a part of the driver for the screen. Specifically, a missed implementation in the 1BPP bitmap write implementation in GUIDRV_Template.

    Sorry about the confusion.

    Kind regards,