J-Link support for GigaDevice GD32F3x0 MCU family

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Currently we have no fixed time-schedule to add them but we have hardware in house so most likely some time in Q1 2019.
      If you need support for that device earlier you can use the following guide to add support yourself: wiki.segger.com/Adding_Support_for_New_Devices

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    • Would it work in the mean time to just pretend it is a GD32F1x0 because after studying the reference manuals it seems the flash memory controller (FMC) in the F170 or F190 is bit by bit identical to the FMC in the F350, it is also mapped to the same address (0x40022000) and also flash start is 0x8000000 and RAM start is 0x20000000 in both devices, would there be a chance for this to work?

      I could not yet try this dirty hack myself because i am currently waiting for our hardware guys to make me a minimal breakout/test board with the F350 because apparently there is not yet any official demo board available.

      It would really be nice to be able to debug and flash these devices with JLink because my boss has asked whether it is possible to use the F350 in future designs to replace some older expensive Kinetis MCUs with this nice little chip and the only thing that is currently still holding it back is the ability to use the JLink.