[SOLVED] Flash setting for NRF51822_XXAA when using flasher portable plus

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  • [SOLVED] Flash setting for NRF51822_XXAA when using flasher portable plus

    Hi, I have recently purchased flasher portable plus to use this device in prodcution to flash devices consisting of nrf51822_xxAA. Here are my following questions
    1. I could able to send file to device but device doesnt opearate. Are there any flash settings I need to keep in consideration ?
    2. But the same hex files i used for flasher portable plus, when i tried to program using nrf51dk it works!!
    3. so my concern is what is that i need to change in jflash project settings/ any setting to make hex file work with my device when flashing using flasher portable plus.
    4. I also see in jflash documentation it is mentioned internal and external memory . I am aware of microcntroller having some flash memory but here what does it mean by internal and external memory. does it mean external memory means any eeprom/ memory connected to microcontroller?
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