EDIT widget does not get NumPad value

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    • EDIT widget does not get NumPad value

      Hallo everyone,

      I'm using the stm32f429i-disc1 Board without a RTOS, just a superloop with emWin.
      I want to have a main site with a menu. The menu (several buttons) has the origin (0,0).
      If you want to try it, you have to set #define NUM_VSCREENS 2 in the LCDConfig.c file.
      The second site has the origin (0,320) and the content of the second site depends on which button has been pressed. If there are an EDIT widget a Window with a Numpad will be shown. My Problem is, that I can't edit numbers to the EDIT widget.
      I have already seen the WIDGET_Numpad.c example, but it did not helped.

      The MainTask() funktion is not called in an infinite loop.

      I would be glad, if somebody can help me.

      If you need more information, just ask me.

      Kind regards, Wladimir
    • Hi,

      Did you made sure that the EDIT widget has the focus while pressing the numpad buttons?
      What if you call EDIT_AddKey(hEdit, Key) where key is one of the numbers like this:

      Press numpad 1 - call EDIT_AddKey(hEdit, '1');
      Press numpad 2 - call EDIT_AddKey(hEdit, '2');

      You can also try to call BUTTON_SetFocusable(hButton, 0) and the buttons won't steal the focus of the EDIT widget. Of course, you have to set the focus to the EDIT widget first.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      I do not know which field has the focus. The focus of the Buttons is disabled.
      I do not use GUI_ExecDialogBox() for the Dialogs with the EDIT widgets. If I would use GUI_ExecDialogBox(), the Window won't be shown. So I use GUI_CreateDialogBox().
      Can you tell me, why the window does not appear when I use the GUI_ExecDialogBox() function? Do I have to add GUI_Exec()?

      Are you from Germany? I would prefer to write in German, if you understand it.