[SOLVED] Debug i.MX RT1051 using J-Link when FW is loaded from QSPI to ITCM

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  • [SOLVED] Debug i.MX RT1051 using J-Link when FW is loaded from QSPI to ITCM

    I am able to build a firmware that resides in QSPI and that is loaded into ITCM from the ROM bootloader at startup.

    What happens, for example on the EVKB, is that J-Link correctly writes the FW in QSPI flash then sets the program counter at the entry point.
    Unfortunately, in this way, what is being executed is not the firmware just written, but the one that was running before writing, because the RAM is not touched by J-Link. It should be the ROM bootloader that populates the RAM.

    I would like to have J-Link, once the FW is written in QSPI, trigger the ROM bootloader. I'm trying to write a script without success.
    How can I do that?

    best regards
  • Hello Max,

    we received your inquiry via Ticket system as well.
    This thread will be closed now to keep all information in one place.

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