[SOLVED] Bootloader does not jump to application ?

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  • [SOLVED] Bootloader does not jump to application ?

    Hello SEGGER-Forum:

    Situation is that bootloader does not jump to application.

    I am attaching two projects, one is called Hello_BOOT, the other is called Hello_110818.
    Name "Hello" is because both projects are based on empty/default SEGGER project.

    Hello_BOOT(bare-metal code at address 0x0) is supposed to transfer control / jump to Hello_110818
    (bare-metal code at address 0x00100000).

    I am using SEGGER document "AN01005_Bootloader_with_embOS_CortexM.pdf" as reference.

    I created a char-array of Hello_110118 elf-file which Hello_Boot copies to 0x00100000 using embed-tool.
    Why: Using one project in one solution, for now.

    Embedded Studio for ARM 4.10a disassembly window shows "unknown function at 0x00100004" for Hello_BOOT project,
    i.e., from where the jump is/was/supposed to be /... ? executed. see attached screen-shot.

    My expectation was Hello_110118 should be executed, i.e., userI sees printf from that application (Hello_110818).

    Thinking about wrong test-setup, wrong address/thumb value being used, need to have both projects in same solution, ...?

    Both projects in attached zip-file.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    In the example project you provided you are jumping to the vector table instead of your application.
    The reset handler of your application in the provided example is at 0x00100113.
    This is where your reset_handler is (assuming you would like to start from the reset_handler).

    If you use that instead your setup should be working as expected.

    Best regards,
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