GUICC_565 - GUICC_M565 - ILI9341

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    • GUICC_565 - GUICC_M565 - ILI9341

      In the emWin documentation it says that
      GUICC_565 = BGR
      GUICC_M565 = RGB

      In the IL9341 documentation it says Memory Access Control 36h bit D3 is BGR... and
      D3 = 0 = RGB Color Filter Panel
      D3 = 1 = BGR Color Filter Panel.

      I can see that when I initialize the screen that emWin sends 0x36 0x20 .. .in other words it sends D3=0=RGB

      Then I can send Read MADCTRL 0b and I get
      So the emWin write appears to have worked.

      Given all of that it seems like it would be correct to
      pDevice = GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink(DISPLAY_DRIVER, GUICC_M565, 0, 0); // Setup RGB Color Component

      But... that will result in the Red and Blue flipped... so to make it work I need to do
      pDevice = GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink(DISPLAY_DRIVER, GUICC_565, 0, 0); // Setup BGR Color Component

      All I can figure is that I dont understand something in the ILI9341 data sheet.

      What am I missing here?


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