[SOLVED] Can not use J-link EDU or mini in JTAG mode

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  • [SOLVED] Can not use J-link EDU or mini in JTAG mode

    I am able to program my NXP K66 with an older J-link KS, but when I go to program it with a new J-link EDU (or mini) I get an InitTarget(): PCode returned with error code -1. There are some "connect under reset" messages in there too.

    Any Idea whats going on? Both programmers work in SWD mode, and I know my pinout/hardware is good because the j-link ks works... what am I missing with these new programmers?

    FYI I know the device isn't locked, and I have tried a lower speed.
    • J-link_EDU.png

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    • J-link_KS.png

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Such an issue is not known to us.
    Could you try updating to the latest J-Link Software version and report back if the issue persists?
    Are you using the original JTAG cable shipped with the J-Link Edu?
    We had many cases where third party cables were the cause of signal issues.
    Could you measure the JTAG signals at target device side with an oscilloscope and post pictures of your measurements?

    Best regards,
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