[SOLVED] Question about 'Timeline window'

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  • [SOLVED] Question about 'Timeline window'

    At the beginning I would like to say THANK YOU for the great tool. We have been using it from some days and we are very satisfied with the results of SystemView.
    We have two question:
    1. In the 'Timeline' window we see the grey lines which disappearing or losing the filled colour after zooming in (see jpg's and SVDat files). Is it intentionally or no ?
    2. Do you think about adding to 'Timeline window' the pair of cursors which allow measure the time between them ? (similar like in oscilloscopes, analysers, etc.)

    3. Systemview use the 'Cycle Counter' in our code we use it too (I attached the code of it - stopwatch.c/h). But when we are logging the data using Systemview the time which we see in Timeline' window is 'overloaded' (see on SystemViewProblem.SVDat the execution time of job named EXECUTOR is lasting about 19s). Can you tell us what can cause this ? Our code only read the CYCCNT register can it disturbed systemview ?

    Thank you for advance for any help.

    We are using Systemview v.2.52d, Win10 64-bits, J-Link Base

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    1: This will be improved with the next SystemView release version.
    2: In the Event view window you can already set references and measure the time between them. For timeline this is not added yet but might come in future versions.
    3: The timestamp calculation gets incorrect at that point as a Systick gets pending status but Cycle counter is not incremented yet. Thus a gap can happen when calculationg the timestamp if this change is not handled correctly.
    A handling example can be found in our embOS example projects.

    Best regards,
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