[SOLVED] J-Trace Pro v2 with NXP i.MX RT1060

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  • [SOLVED] J-Trace Pro v2 with NXP i.MX RT1060

    Hi guys,

    We recently purchased a J-Trace Pro v2 for use in a project involving an NXP i.MX 1060 (namely the MIMXRT1060-EVK) and we're running into some difficulties in configuring the debugger alongside Keil MDK.

    We're running into the following issues:
    • Unable to load code straight into and run from SRAM (receive an error message that no flash algorithm is available).
    • We have been able to get QSPI to load and boot but strangely we sometimes have to connect to the device first with J-Link Commander otherwise we receive the error that the AIRCR can not be read.
    • Although we've been able to get SWO trace working (confirmed by sending over ITM characters), we're unable to use Keil's Logic or System Analyser to track changes in variables/state in real-time.
    Has anyone had experience with the NXP i.MX RT platform and is able to offer up any solutions/suggestions/best-practises to the points above? In particular we are very eager to resolve the last point as it's critical to our project.

    Many thanks
  • Hello,

    We received your inquiry through the ticket system as well.
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