[SOLVED] Support for Cypress FL-L

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    • [SOLVED] Support for Cypress FL-L

      Using emFile (V4.04g), I have been stuck on trying to get my Cypress (Spansion) FL-L S25FL256L NOR flash chips (SPI connected) to work (using an EFM32GG11B MCU).
      The library says it supports the closely related FL-S chips (e.g. S25FL256S), however, I have noticed several differences between the -L and the -S, which are causing problems with emFile.
      The differences include different status register definitions, multiple configuration registers, different block sizes...
      I have tried implementing these changes, however, emFile fails immediately during the erase verification prior to the low level format.
      Even when I managed to get past the LL format, it still failed during the HL format.
      Is there any chance you will add support for the FL-L flash chips? Or can you help with this issue?
      Thank you!
    • Hello,

      We plan to add support for the Cypress S25FL256L device but I cannot give you a fixed availability date.
      We will try to have it ready by the beginning of next year.

      Best regards,
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