[SOLVED] ESP32 Trace with J-Link EDU

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  • [SOLVED] ESP32 Trace with J-Link EDU

    I have been going through some ESP32 openOCD documentation (docs.espressif.com/projects/es…api-guides/app_trace.html) and GDB works fine with my J-Link EDU. However, tracing does not. Is this a license limitation on my J-Link or something else?


    Source Code

    1. > esp32 sysview start file://pro-cpu.SVDat file://app-cpu.SVDat
    2. Target halted. PRO_CPU: PC=0x400E23A2 (active) APP_CPU: PC=0x00000000
    3. Total trace memory: 16384 bytes
    4. Open file pro-cpu.SVDat
    5. Open file app-cpu.SVDat
    6. App trace params: from 2 cores, size 4294967295 bytes, stop_tmo -1 s, poll period 1 ms, wait_rst 0, skip 0 bytes
    7. Connect targets...
    8. Target halted. PRO_CPU: PC=0x400E23A2 (active) APP_CPU: PC=0x00000000
    9. Targets connected.
    10. Stop waiting for trace start due to timeout.
    11. SEGGER: Failed to start tracing!
    12. Disconnect targets...
    13. Target halted. PRO_CPU: PC=0x400E23A2 (active) APP_CPU: PC=0x00000000
    14. Targets disconnected.
    15. Trace data processor thread exited with 0
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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    ESP32 is not officially supported by J-Link and openOCD is not maintained by SEGGER.
    For information about openOCD features we suggest contacting the openOCD team.

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