HexLoad issues, CRC check failed

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  • HexLoad issues, CRC check failed


    We're having some problems regarding the HexLoad utility. At the moment we are using HexLoad v2.14i to upgrade a firmware through Btl v3.0.

    About one fifth of the upgrades results in CRC check failed with no apparent reason, we've tried inserting level converters into the signal chain to clean up the signal, different COM-port brands and newer versions of the HexLoad-utility without any success.

    Also, the HexLoad process has a bad habit of remaining unterminated whenever an error occurs, forcing the user to start the task manager and explicitly terminate the process to be able to use the COM-port again.

    Has anyone had these issues before? We could greatly appreciate any insight into these problems.

    Best regards,

    Andreas Eriksson
  • Hello Andreas,

    we also use HexLoad since several years and we also had similar problems with remaining processes with the old version v2.14 of the tool. With the new version (v3.04d) we not have this problems and we never had CRC problems. You should check the communication protocol between target and PC to check if there are any problems. There exists a documentation about this called emLoad3_Communication.pdf.