GUI_BMP_SerializeEx - incorrect pixels in generated bitmap file

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    • GUI_BMP_SerializeEx - incorrect pixels in generated bitmap file


      In our project we use GUI_BMP_SerializeEx to take screenshots of what is on our 320x240 LCD. The bitmap files generated by this function look nearly perfect except for a few pixels (20-30 on average) that are incorrect (wrong color).

      The location of the incorrect pixels appears to be mostly random, but they usually appear near drawn objects/text and don't appear in areas where it's just back the black background.

      When we look at the LCD, none of the pixels are wrong, it's only in the generated bitmap "screenshot" files.

      Does anyone know if there's any reason to suspect a software issue? Or would this more likely be a hardware issue?

    • We are using emWin V5.32

      We are using a custom implementation of GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR

      The read functions seem to work fine, we are able to read from the LCD controller and create bitmap screenshots, it's just that a few pixels are incorrect in the screenshot.

      See attachment for example. This screenshot was taken on our target hardware (custom board using Kinetis K64 MCU and 320*240 LCD with ST7789S controller connected to MCU using parallel bus).

      To me it seems like a hardware problem or a parallel bus configuration problem. Looking at the LCD is fine, no corrupt pixels, only corrupt pixels in screenshot.
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