[SOLVED] [OZONE] Enable trace on Ozone with nrf52

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  • [SOLVED] [OZONE] Enable trace on Ozone with nrf52


    I face some difficulties to set up the trace on Ozone with my J-Trace pro for Cortex-M.

    I succeeded to set it up with the board given with the J-Trace device.

    However on the Nordic evaluation board i used, Trace is only used with SWO. So I checked that my pins are correctly connected to use it, and I configure trace on Ozone by hitting tools => trace settings => SWO and let to Auto mode for the clock.

    The windows Intruction trace and timeline are still displaying "instruction trace disabled"

    I followed some of your tutorial :
    - wiki.segger.com/How_to_configure_Embedded_Studio_to_use_SWO
    - https://forum.segger.com/index.php/Thread/4506-SOLVED-Using-SWO-with-Ozone

    And I succeeded to set up trace on SES.

    I get a clue, when SES has configuration trace enabled, the memory at the ITM register address is edited. It is not when I use Ozone.

    Could you help me ?

    Thank you.

    PS :
    Hardware set up :

    Windows 7
    Segger embedded studio v 3.50
    Ozone v 2.56w
    J-trace PRO for cortex M processor probe
    Jlink Driver v634g
    proc nrf52832 on PCA 10040
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